in-progress figure slabs, red-firing stoneware, 2001, EKWC

In 2007 we collaborated at the European Ceramics Work Centre (EKWC) in Holland, participating in their Combined Residency program where an artist and architect work together.

This was an opportunity to pursue our interest in the multi-faceted relationships between sculpture and architecture. We were excited by the prospect of working together with ceramics.

However, as often happens, the ideas and plans we arrived with soon collapsed; instead, two totally new and different sculptures emerged.

in-progress figure slabs, red-firing stoneware, 2001, EKWC Pushmi-Pullyu, stoneware ceramic, tension wire, steel, 720cm (L) 2001, EKWC Room with a View, ceramic, wood dowels, 170cm (H), 2001, EKWC Pushmi-Pullyu and Room with a View, installation at RBS Gallery, 2008 Pushmi-Pullyu (detail)

In-progress figure slabs.
Red-firing stoneware, 2001, EKWC

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