"Range" is a multi-component work of about 50 elements. They all share a similar geometry which functions like a template to generate a variety of forms but also to maintain a family resemblance within this diversity. There are different kinds of structures; for example, linear and planar shapes, linking forms, and open and closed volumes. These categories of objects are further inflected by differences in scale and material: plywood, plaster, rubber, glass-fibre, etc.

The work could be seen as continually evolving. Some pieces are the formers for creating other shapes and the card templates used to mark out several of the patterns are incorporated within the work and relate to the process of production. This "in progress" aspect is further indicated by the use of colour as a primer or wash rather than a final coat. The arrangement of forms into one complex interaction hints at a variability in its assembly, contingent on the requirements of context.

While each element is individual, their interactions define a domain where spatial features play an equally important role in the experience of the sculpture. The viewer becomes involved in a multiplicity of relations, speculating on the nature of similarity and difference through material, spatial and conceptual connections.

plywood, plaster, mdf/filler, glass-fibre, cardboard, ceramic, aluminium, rubber, polystyrene, steel, card.